My name is Els Woodke.  My husband Jeff was kidnapped from his home in Abalak, Niger on October 14, 2016.  Jeff has served the people of Niger selflessly and with love for 29 years, providing food, water and other services to the Tamasheq, Fulani and all the other peoples there

A few days ago, at the end of Ramadan, Jamaat Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen released a video called SOS 2. In that video, hostage Sophie Petronin is allowed to listen to a telephone call from her son and she is allowed to send a message back to him. Sister Gloria Cecilia Narvaez, another hostage, was also allowed to give a message on this video.

It was a humane and merciful act during Ramadan to allow these hostages to communicate with their families and friends.

But my husband Jeff has been held for a very long time and I have received no word from those who are holding him. In another video released last July, the families were told to contact the kidnappers directly:

So now I want to address myself to those who gave that instruction. I want to talk to you. I am ready to negotiate the safe return of my husband.  I only want Jeff to come home. If you are not able to negotiate yet, please allow Jeff to send his family a message, just as you have done with these other hostages.

To Jeff, I want to tell you that I love you very much. You are the best husband, father and grandfather that anyone could have. Everyone is missing you so much. You are such an inspiration for us and for many people in Niger. We are always praying for your health and that you don’t lose hope. Many people around the world are praying for you. Matthew and Bob are living with me at home. Tim and Jena are currently living in Eureka. David and Donna are hoping to visit soon again

The boys send you all their love. Please, stay strong in your faith. Remember the Word of God. I love you so much and I pray for the day that we will be reunited again.

To those who are holding Jeff, thank you for taking care of him. I am confident that if we can talk together, we can find a good solution so that Jeff can return home.

You can reach us by telephone, SMS, Whatsapp or Telegram. +1 707 684 9278 ; or by

Email at BringJeffHome@Yahoo.com.

Thank you.

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